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  • Customized and effective fashion industry communications

    • Specializing in Women’s, Men’s, and Accessories

  • Development, implementation, and management of national and regional public relations campaigns

    • Extensive contact with top tier media in print and on-line

    • Collaboration with in-house departments

    • Creation of press materials


  • Refinement of key messages for brands through consultation with clients

    • Development of compelling story ideas around those messages


  • Writing and editing of media releases and related communications

    • Excellent media relations and targeted media list



In competitive markets, the most essential asset is visibility.  All businesses rely on press coverage to reach consumers in a directed, meaningful way. An effective public relations strategy is essential to establish visibility that expands consumer awareness and leads to measurable business growth.


In the fashion industry, the term “public relations” now seems to refer more to fashion show execution, trafficking of samples, and event planning. In showrooms offering these services, press outreach has been simplified to merely loaning and tracking samples. Image credits are a sign that they are reaching consumers and exposing their products, but does nothing to tell the brand’s larger story. Many designers are left to choose between this option or having no public voice at all.


Allen Media Consulting was created with the goal of solving this dilemma. The sole focus of AMC is to bring true publicity to fashion public relations.  AMC secures extensive mentions, news, and articles in the media that gain the public’s interest in its clients, assembling targeted written coverage for brands and designers who want to share more than samples and look book images.


Every company has a story, and every story can be told in a better way with the right tools. In today’s quickly changing environment, brands who adapt and put their story forward stand out and reach consumers who are ready for the next big idea.


After twenty years of consistent high-value interaction and personal relationships with top-tier editors and volumes of specialized coverage, Allen Media Consulting has the proven ability and track record in acquiring press coverage for designers looking to grow their brand.





Jessica Allen
Executive Director


Allen Media Consulting
131 Varick Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10013

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